I enjoy working at WISPRO because I am always inspired by how interesting and diverse the experience is going to be. It’s truly entrepreneurial and collaborating with so many brilliant talents here is indeed an unexpected and pleasant journey.

Meet Aileen

Aileen Chang graduated from the Graduate Institute of National Cheng Chi University with a Master degree of Intellectual Property and got the Bachelor degree of Laws in National Taiwan University. She is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of WISPRO now. Over the past 20 years, she specializes in International Business transactions, fund-raising, start-up, investments, joint ventures, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, business model planning and Intellectual Property operation and monetization and she is also a practicing attorney and patent agent in Taiwan.


  • Invited to participate as lecturer in the International Symposium regarding Investment, acquisition and intellectual property deployment and business transaction of healthcare industry, which was hold in 2013 and organized by Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA), Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) and Taiwan Bio Industry Development Organization. The topic of the lecture was “The key factors for building the trade secret management mechanism for healthcare Enterprises and the value extraction.”

  • Invited by Chinese National Federation of Industries(CNFI) to the Fujian High-tech Enterprise CEO Intellectual Property series class as lecturer in 2013. The topic of the lecture was “The key factors to intellectual property management and monetization”

  • Invited by PMI- Taiwan Chapter(PMI-TW) to the International Forum on PTIC-PMI Taiwan Project Management as lecturer in 2013. The topic of the lecture was “How to operate the transnational intellectual property in the healthcare industry and generate profit”

  • Invited by Council of Agriculture(COA) to the workshop regarding research and development results management system evaluation as lecturer in 2013. The topic of the lecture was “Innovation and creativity of agricultural biotechnology research and development results”

  • Invited as event panelist by Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy (R.B.M.P.) and Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry(I.B.M.I.) regarding constructing the business model of the hospital management service industrialization with the core value and intellectual property mechanism in 2014.

  • Invited by Nan-Kang Biotech Incubation Center(NBIC) to the workshop regarding evaluation and value creation of biotechnology alliance as lecturer in 2014. The topic of the lecture was “From intellectual property to capital”

  • Invited as lecturer by Commercial Times to the seminar regarding the operation of intellectual property in medical device field in 2014. The topic of the lecture was “The innovative management and profit generation from intellectual property of medical device”

  • Invited by Sinphar Group to the Bio-camp as lecturer in 2015. The topic of the lecture was “The Patent Risk and intellectual property deployment in life science industry”

  • Invited by Multi-Discipline Training Program for Senior Personnel in Technology Management program(MMOT) as lecturer in 2016-2017. The topic of the lecture was “The Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual property and M&A”

  • Appointed by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2016-2018 as project co-leader of Value Added Services for Patent Search project.

  • Invited by Institute of Biomedical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University in 2016 as mentor and deliver series lecture regarding intellectual property and transnational business law in medical device industry.

  • Invited by SPARK Taiwan Program, Taipei Medical University in 2016 as speaker. The topic of the speech was ” Intellectual property operation and successful business model”

  • Invited by Association of Chemical Sources in Taiwan in 2017 as seminar speaker. The topic of the speech was ” Experiences sharing regarding transnational industry-university cooperation and technology transfer”

  • Invited by Cathay United Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. in 2017 as lecturer. The topic of the lecture was ” How to align and integrate Intellectual property mechanism into research and development process in Fintech industry”

  • Invited by Taiwan Startup Institute(TSI) subordinated at Industrial Value Creation Program for Academia, Ministry of Science and Technology in 2017 as workshop speaker. The topic of the speech was” How to make a great Business plan for Startup company”

  • Invited by Biotech Industrial Academy from Taiwan Bio Industry Organization in 2017 as workshop teacher. The topic of the class was“Great intellectual property deployment and gain profit with multi-model”

  • Invited by Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) in 2018 as lecturer in 2018 EU-Taiwan Seminar on IP Capacity Building for SMEs and Academic and Research Institutions. The topic of the lecture will be” Enhancing Quality and Value of IP through Big Data of Patents and Industries”.

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