Mike Chen is the Senior Director of the WISPRO Group and the Lead Attorney of the legal team. Mr. Chen regularly represents and advises clients on international business transactions and IP litigation.

Meet Mike

Mr. Chen received a Master of Science degree from National Taiwan University College of Medicine and a Bachelor of Science degree from Taipei Medical University.

Mr. Chen holds the License of Attorney and Medical Technologist.

Primary Practice

Mr. Chen specializes in biomedical technology, biologics, chemical drug, and medical device. Mr. Chen has extensive experiences in IP transactions, including IP licensing, technology transfer, joint development, and clinical trial resource integration. He has successfully executed due diligence, constructed business model, negotiated commercial terms, and prepared legal documents between US, Europe, China and Taiwan enterprises.

Mr. Chen is also an experienced litigator in civil, criminal and administrative litigation in Taiwan. He has turned over court opinions and significantly reduced the risk of compensation and penalty in patent infringement litigation against Big Pharma. Over the past two years, he has assisted clients in managing licensing of communications standard patents (SEPs) in the United States, as well as antitrust investigations conducted in China and Taiwan.

Representative Matters

  • Counsel for transaction of joint development, IP licensing, and international distribution regarding HPV breast cancer vaccine.

  • Counsel for due diligence and transaction of IP exclusive license, technology transfer and distribution regarding CXCR4 cancer targeted vaccine.

  • Counsel for transaction of IP exclusive license and technology transfer regarding HSP70 DNA vaccine.

  • Counsel for transaction of IP exclusive license, technology transfer and capital investment regarding Regenerative Medicine applications of Interleukin-12 (IL-12).

  • Counsel for regulatory compliance for respiratory therapy, prenatal gene diagnostic, and in vitro diagnosis service.

  • Counsel for transaction of patent exclusive license, patent assignment, and spin-off regarding biomarker-related IVD and service of renal injury diagnosis.

  • Counsel for transaction of joint venture and distribution regarding sexually transmitted disease, tuberculosis, and genetic disorder IVD products.

  • Counsel for regulatory compliance and exclusive distribution regarding allergen diagnosis IVD products.

  • Represented in various IP litigations of patent/trade secret/trade mark infringement regarding dental implant, blood sugar meter, and hepatitis B infection drug.

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