Legal and IP Issues in Cutting Edge Artificial Intelligence Industry and Markets


18.04.2018 | SEMINARS

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is evolving quickly and its diverse and widespread applications are integrating into our everyday lives. Commercialization of AI technology is spreading globally and a lot of items will be infused with amazing intelligence and humanity. AI will make radical change to the global economy and our lives and lots of legal and IP issues will arise. Perkins Coie LLP, Wispro Technology Consulting Corporation, and Fronteo Taiwan, Inc held a  seminar “Legal and IP Issues in Cutting Edge Artificial Intelligence Industry and Markets”, and explored some forward-looking issues including;

  1. The new rules for patents in software held by the US Supreme Court in Alice v. CLS Bank,

  2. How to analyze document with AI,

  3. The layout of intellectual properties and management of risks related to intellectual properties in artificial intelligence,

  4. Discussion on antitrust conduct of implicit conspiracy in pricing involving pricing algorithms,

  5. Design of software, algorithms, and hardware and liabilities of the sellers, and

  6. Data protection and management related to the use of artificial intelligence in IoT devices.

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