Artificial Intelligence Based Image Recognition For Vehicles

Infuse vehicles with artificial intelligence, empowering vehicles to recognize driving environment and determine appropriate actions under driverless condition.  From training to application, it provides the necessary computing power, data, and algorithms for computer vision to achieve accurate recognition of driving environment.


Global Industry Information

Providing information about industrial chain, value chain, investment chain, product structure and technology structure for the industry of AI-based image recognition system.  Merger and acquisitions(M&A), cooperation information of the major patent owners worldwide.

Patent Analysis

Providing US and CN patent deployment information and technology portfolios analysis of the major patent owners worldwide.

Patentcloud Database

Using application structure and technology structure as a guide and filtering tool to browse through the patents within the database.  This database provides real time statistics and tools for interactive analysis.

Global industrial information of AI-based image recognition for vehicles, including industrial chain analysis, investment chain analysis, merger and acquisitions(M&A) information analysis, cooperation. Patent analysis of major patent owners including product structure and technology structure.

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