Non-Invasive Medical Optical Sensor

Non-invasive medical optical sensor utilizing optical transducing principle to sense physiological signal non-invasively or minimally invasively, or to be applied to medical applications.


Global Industry Information

Providing market information including ecosystem of medical imaging industry, US FDA premarket examination data, cooperation information of market players, Merger and acquisitions(M&A) cases and patent landscape.

Patent Analysis

Providing the patent portfolio analysis of Heartflow, a company utilizing artificial intelligence on the CT image analysis to provide a non-invasive tool for decision support of coronary artery diseases.

Patentcloud Database

Patents of “Artificial Intelligence Applied Medical Imaging Analysis” are collected in the database. The database system supports filter of multiple dimensions including “body parts”, “imaging modalities”, and other patent data attributes.

US FDA data analysis of non-invasive medical optical sensor including product classification data and 510(k) premarket notification data, investment, Merger and acquisitions(M&A), and patent analysis including product structure and technology structure.

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