A patent search is an essential step to take in every stage of the patent lifecycle, from the beginning of R&D project planning until the monetization of a patent. A thorough patent search not only helps with research planning but also influences business decision making.

A patent search can be used to determine the patentability of an invention, to discover more about a new field of technology, obtaining market information, and monitoring the development of competitors.

We have expertise in different technical fields, along with the ability to understand the core of an invention and how to identify the essential features, thus allowing us to identify the most relevant patents. We use different tools, methods, and strategies to perform a patent search to ensure the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the search result.

With Our Patent Search Service, We Help Our Clients To:

Preserve valuable resources
(time and money)

Identify valuable patents

Validate the quality of patents

Shorten research and
development time

Identify risks and

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There are different types of patent search with different objective behind each search.

Patent Landscape Search

We help our clients to understand the patenting activities of the key market players of a particular technology or industry and how to identify risks and opportunities.

  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis 

    We help our clients to assess the patent portfolios of their competitors to understand their patenting activities and strategies.

  • State of the Art Search

    We help our clients to assess a particular technology to get a comprehensive view of an industry.

  • Evidence of Use Search 

    We help our clients to search and identify potential infringing products by searching patents of similar inventions or technologies.

  • Patent Clearance Search

    We perform a patent search to help our clients to understand and evaluate any potential patent risk before they bring their product into a new market.

  • Invalidity Search

    We help our clients to identify prior art to challenge the validity of the patents of their competitors. An invalidity search can also be used to help our clients to verify the validity of patents before any transactions take place.

  • Patentability Search

    We help our clients to evaluate the patentability of an invention, thus reducing costs, shortening prosecution time, and improving the quality of patents.

  • Patent Portfolio Assessment

    We help our clients to assess patent portfolios by analyzing the bibliographic and counterpart information of the patents within the patent portfolio, thus helping with patent portfolio management or evaluation.