For technologies relating to de facto standard, e.g. wireless communication, media coding, computer file format, wireless power transmission, connector and interface, and etc., there is an attractive business opportunity namely Standard Essential Patent (hereinafter “SEP”).

Specifically, major purposes of SEP comprise at least of

Lead industry chain

Control value chain

Allocate supply chain

Therefore, running SEP business is critical to timely sync and align activities among R&D, standard development, patent prosecution, and patent monetization. Hence, to assist our client achieving their objectives of running SEP business, we are ready and have confidence to provide required professional services & system tools because we have international team with cross-domains expertise, knowledge, skill, experience, and global connection.

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For example, we assist our client to:

  • Accumulate SEP portfolio by providing

    • Invention disclosure and patent deployment simulation;

    • Claim chart (Patent-to-Standard) mapping and version management;

    • Global patent prosecution and Patent Lifecycle Management (PLCM);

  • Operate SEP portfolio by providing

    • Patent Portfolio Management (PPM), including definition and rules of categories, tags, and ranking for each asset in the patent portfolio;

    • Establish/implement/improve collaboration mechanism among cross-function teams (R&D, IP, …), including SOP, guideline, rules, forms, system & tool;

    • Measure and monitor Objective and Key Results (OKR) of SEP portfolio;

    • Periodical report of SEP portfolio;

  • Monetize SEP portfolio by providing

    • Market analysis and SEP transaction opportunities mining;

    • Business model, investment structure, transaction mode, and tax plan;

    • Business development materials & legal document required

    • Negotiation collaboration in deal process

  • Know competitive/collaborative intelligence by providing report & consulting service via research/analysis/monitor of standard related event, activities and files, SEP declaration records, designated SEP owner or SEP patent pool (e.g. business model, performance, SEP portfolio), and etc.;