SEP Prosecution Services
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Establish SEP portfolio
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Manage SEP portfolios
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SEP commodities and monetization          
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Provide professional SEP prosecution and management services to assist clients in running and managing SEPs

We have a dedicated team familiar with SEP and related industries to assist clients in applying and managing SEP. A full-process operation and management model is used to integrate activities R&D, standards, patents and monetization operations. We provide clients with a system platform and tools for intelligent management of SEP business to achieve our the clients's operational goals. '

SEP Prosecution Services

Multinational SEP prosecution services

Provide multinational SEP prosecution services, including SEP drafting, responses, translation, invalidation, and various matters related to patent applications and maintenance.

local SEP prosecution and consulting services

The team has patent attorneys/patent agents/patent experts experienced in SEP in major countries to provide local SEP prosecution and consulting services.

Establish SEP portfolio

Provide simulation services for invention disclosure and multinational patent portfolio.
Provide claim chart comparison (patent and standard) and version management.
Conduct global patent portfolio analysis and lifecycle management (PLCM).

Manage SEP portfolios

  • Provide services for definition and rule including the class, labeling and ranking of each asset in the patent portfolio through the Patent Pendency Mechanism (PPM).
  • Assist within the measurement, evaluation and monitoring of the SEP portfolio and linkage between its operational objectives and key results (OKRs).
  • Assist in establishing/implementing/improving collaboration mechanisms between cross-functional teams, including SOPs, guidelines, rules, forms, systems and tools.
  • Summarize the patent portfolios of our clients and others and respective development status on a regular and real-time basis with professional reports and dashboards.
  • Assist clients in grasping market competition and cooperation information by providing analysis reports and consulting services, including research, analysis and monitoring of specific events, activities and documents that need to be noted during the development of SEPs, announcement records, and analysis of designated SEP owners and patent pools as well as their business models, operating performance, and SEP portfolio.

SEP Monetization

We provide industry market analysis and assist in exploring business opportunities such as the matters to be traded
We can assist in planning business models, investment structures, transaction modes and cross-border taxation
We may also assist in handling and producing data and supporting documents required for the expansion of monetized business
We can finally assist throughout the whole negotiation process by formulating suitable business conditions

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