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Our ideas

We have assisted many well-known intellectual property owners, large group companies or start-up companies in the United States, Japan, China and Taiwan in planning and implementing operational strategy and business model of patent portfolio monetization and assisted clients in closing cross-border high value patent deals over the past few years. We have assisted clients in analyzing the value and advantages of patent portfolios, in planning out monetization such as commercialization, technology transfer, trading, licensing, intellectual property as equity, infringement litigation and in obtaining financial performance so as to make intelligence profitable.

Service content

Our team has complete and diverse professional skills, and also making connections needed to monetize intellectual property in major countries or markets around the world. Services including but not limited to:

  • Technology life cycle management
  • Analysis on the market and industry competition
  • IP deployment and portfolio management
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Portfolio sale, acquisition and licensing
  • Evaluations on quality, value and price of the technology
  • Patent prosecution and strategic management
  • Validity and enforceability evaluations
  • Corporate structure and business planning
  • International tax and regulations planning
  • Prepare required contracts or documents
  • IP Due Diligence

Our methods

In order to assess the feasibility of monetization of specific innovation, R&D results and intellectual property and potential benefits, we will help the parties to achieve their business goals under the following analysis:
Comprehensive understanding
Get a comprehensive understanding of the current status, content and projected development of innovation R&D results and intellectual property.
Overall analysis
Analyze related industrial structure, value chain, supply chain, product/technology structure, patent applications, patent portfolios.
Investigate the development of similar technologies around the world.
Conduct interviews with key personnels.
Get an in-depth understanding
Get an in-depth understanding of manufacturing process, suppliers, and so on.

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