Cross-domain data integration analysis

Industrial Chain and Supply Chain

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Dynamic Intelligence Analysis

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Industrial Chain and Supply Chain

Get insight into the current status of the industrial chain and industrial structure:
  • Screen out and identify upstream, mid-stream and downstream potential competitors or supply chain partners in the industrial structure
  • Plan and improve the portfolio of suppliers, customers or strategic partners
Collecting supply chain information is beneficial to:
  • Figure out the industry-university-research relationship around the world
  • Assist in the establishment of the portfolio of high-quality suppliers and customers that meet the needs
Integrate global investment and M&A database as well as market and patent information to assist
  • Support major business operation decisions
  • Define industry development opportunities and emerging markets
  • Formulate industrial policy

Dynamic Intelligence Analysis

In addition to the above-mentioned industrial chains and supply chains, we are able to use a high level of professionalism, together with innovative data and image methods and tools to assist our customers in collecting required business information, such as:

Competitive intelligence analysis
  • Assist companies in identifying potential investors or business partners around the world that may be interested in their business models, products, technologies or services
  • Allow companies to assess the corporate value or the value of a specific portfolio of intangible assets from a global perspective
  • Learn about the investment goals of investors around the world or well-known multinational companies, the new fields they want to develop and the progress of their investment or product technology
  • Understand which country or region the technical experts in a specific field are located in, so as to establish a multinational network of experts and consultants
  • Strategically determine the direction of business development and allocate resources
Patent Technology Intelligence
  • Assist in understanding the landscape of specific product/technology fields, the invesments of which industry-government-university-research institutions has made or planned, and the relationships in certain cooperations or strategic alliances
  • Learn about the application or product/technology fields in the trend, as well as their transaction models and business term, as a reference for business decision-making
  • Assist enterprises in quickly identifying whether there are patentees and patents with high litigation risk, so as to control potential patent litigation risks
Intelligence about Biomedical Industry Regulations
  • Integrated analysis of information about medical and drug certificate systems and databases
  • Integrated analysis of information about database of drug labeling
  • Integrated analysis of information about Product Code Database for medical devices
  • Compliance of the pharmaceutical patent linkage system in various countries and the formulation of the product launch strategy
Business Model Intelligence
  • Analyze the business model of companies in a specific industry and the cooperation model in the ecosystem, define the pros and cons for company development and assist our clients in optimizing its business model or transaction model
  • Analyze our customer's portfolio and supply chain of a company, define key requirements for success in a specific industry or ecosystem and assist in planning a long-term profitable and feasible business model

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