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We provide customers with accurate industry analysis and quality/value assessment of intellectual property.
We support clients in making investment and M&A decisions and assess reasonable business deals.

With the development of emerging markets around the world, commercial activities such as investment, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring take place frequently. We have been commissioned by many investment companies or large group companies in recent years to provide professional intellectual property due diligence services for global investment and M&A. With such services, we have successfully assisted clients in making business decisions by linking industrial analysis and intellectual property quality/value analysis with the design of transaction models and business terms.

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Intellectual property due diligence (IP DD) can provide investors with comprehensive analysis of targeted intellectual property portfolio, as well as the correlation between the intellectual property portfolio and business activities, so as to ensure that the targeted intellectual property portfolio is sufficient to cover the core products, technologies or services and therefore secure the expected profits from investments, joint ventures, or M&A. In addition, by simultaneously analyzing the patent infringement risks of the targeted products, technologies and services, secure investors' rights and interests due to such potential risks can be avoided.

Cross-domain data integration analysis
Quickly identify the priority of IP DD action items throughout the transactions by cross-domain data integration and analysis.
Investment target review
Review projected developments for product, technology or application of the investment target.
R & D results inspection
Make on-site inspection on current and expected R&D results of the investment target, and interview key technical personnel or inventors.
IP portfolio analysis
Help investors discovering undisclosed intellectual property information of investment targets by analyzing the integrity of the intellectual property portfolio.
IP value/quality evaluate
Help investors accurately evaluate the value/quality of targeted product/technology or intellectual property by collecting information on similar or alternative technical solutions.
Advices on transaction models and business terms
Provide advices on transaction models and business terms to support investors in making investment decisions.

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