Intellectual property portfolio management

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Assist clients in implementing intellectual property life cycle management methods and tools, formulate global intellectual property deployment strategies and build high-quality intellectual property portfolios

Our Goals

Ensure the intellectual property portfolio is aligned with the company's business model and operational goals
Tailor-made global deployment strategy for intellectual property according to the business model
Dynamically evaluate intellectual property management decisions, such as application, maintenance, and transaction.

The key to building a high-quality intellectual property portfolio lies in the formulation of an appropriate intellectual property strategy for each piece of core product and technology. We can handle this with customers in the early stage of research and development, and such collaboration includes:

  • Investigate and analyze the current status of patent deployment for major patent holders around the world.
  • Understand the patents related to competitors' existing product technologies and reveal operational risks and opportunities.
  • Work with customers to formulate global deployment strategies for intellectual properties based on business model and operational goals.
By implementing the exclusive PLCM mechanism (Patent Life Cycle Management) and PPM mechanism (Patent Portfolio Management) and with simultaneous calibration according to business models and operational objectives, we provide intelligent property portfolios and strategies that can benefit our clients in diversified ways.
Get insight into the context of technological development
Optimize R&D resource allocation and management
Improve the quality and value of patent portfolios
Reduce the waste of ineffective patent resources
Maximize patent ROI (Return of Investment)
  • Prior Art search
  • State of the art search
  • Patent deployment strategies
  • Pre-application analysis
  • Global patent application
  • Patent examination response
  • Continuation and division strategies
  • Issuance and payment assessment
  • Patent licensing
  • Patent sale
  • Patent litigation
  • Patent pledge

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