Patent Search and Analysis

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Service Goals
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From product/technology research and development to patent operation and monetization throughout the patent life cycle, a patent search has its own implementation goals and benefits at each stage. We have expertise in different technical fields, along with the ability to understand the core of an invention and how to identify its essential features, thus allowing us to identify the most relevant patents. We use different tools, methods, and strategies to perform a patent search to ensure the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the search result.


Support planning, innovation, and research and development related topics
Get a picture of technological development
Optimize and control the allocation of R&D resources
Shorten R&D duration for early launch
Support business model planning and business decisions
Confirm patentability of inventions
Identify business development risks and opportunities
Monitor competitor’s technological development
Identify valuable patents
Improve patent monetization success rate
Prospect strategic partners in investment and M&A
Identify key inventors for human resources

Service Goals

Competitive information analysis
  • Understand the status of competitors' patent assets, and get to know their patent application behaviors and strategies.
  • Evaluate competitors' patent portfolios and their quality and value to analyze competitors' business models, R&D directions and patent deployment strategies.
Technical status analysis
  • Analyze patents in specific technical fields to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of industrial technology development.
Evidence of Use (EOU) investigation
  • Collect potential infringing entity, products or technologies by searching for patents that are identical or similar.
Freedom to operate
  • Identify and evaluate potential patent risks in a specific market with patent search and analysis, so as to plan out legal and commercial responses.
Patent validity analysis:
  • For potentially risky patents, collect patent invalidation evidence and analyze invalidation arguments to challenge the validity of competitors' patents.
  • Verify the validity of patents before buying, selling, licensing or filing a lawsuit.
Patentability search:
  • Assess the patentability of inventions, so as to ensure the quality of patent applications, plan out examination responsing strategies in advance and reduce unnecessary patent costs.

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