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Through industry analysis, patent data and legal expertise, we assist clients in operating technology assets to create business value and opportunities 


Based on in-depth understanding of clients' technology and market information, we explore more possibilities for R&D achievements, match complete and high-quality technology assets with appropriate intellectual property deployment and operation strategies, so as to achieve our clients' various business goals, winning competition, increasing market share and harvesting diversified profits. 

Focus: Industry and Technology Fields

Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical

The medical devices and pharmaceutical industry displays specific requirements for intellectual property protection and operation. Wispro can assist in R&D topics selection, intellectual property deployment and operation strategy, in particular drug patent applications, due diligence and M&A, technology transfer, licensing, litigation and infringement risk control, etc.

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Standard Essential Patents

Into the era of 5G and 6G mobile communications, Wispro is proficient in industrial and technical standards such as those applicable to wireless communications and can provide assistance in the selection of R&D directions, the deployment and management of standard essential patents, search for potential licensees, negotiation of license royalty, due diligence and execution of investment and M&A instruments, patent quality and value analysis and business target evaluation.

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Future Mobility

The contemporary automobile industry is facing a shift in paradigm. Wispro can help clients to figure out existing technical solutions, formulate intellectual property deployment and operation strategies that support business models and R&D, investigate and analyze investment, mergers and acquisitions and conduct patent data analysis related to cutting-edge technologies such as V2X, autonomous driving, sharing and electric vehicles.

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In the post-Moore's Law era, Wispro can provide assistance by looking for prior arts invention proposals and optimize invention disclosures, so as to enhance patentability and implementation, optimize patent applications and operation strategies, grasp industrialized patent information and competitors' R&D trends, discover R&D talents, provide patent validity analysis and product infringement analysis.

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【Event】20th General Assembly and 74th & 75th Council Meetings of the APAA

Vice President Rico Cho, Patent attorneys Alvyn Lin, David Huang and Account Manager Minna Ma attended the 20th General Assembly and 74th & 75th Council Meetings of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) in Singapore from November 3rd to 7th, 2023. During the conference, they engaged in productive discussions and exchanged professional insights with industryexperts and partners.

New Insight

To us, simply following industry trends is not an empty slogan. When providing services, we always better plan, protect and operate technology assets by relying on a commercial and technical perspective.

Wispro paves the way for you

We assist clients in operating technology assets to create better business value and opportunities



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