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Every piece of R&D investment and its corresponding technology assets are the lifeblood of a company for its sustainable operations. You need a partner who can truly protect and operate R&D results.

We have professional capabilities and practical experience in cross-border litigation management, cross-industry investment and M&A (mergers and acquisitions), the establishment and introduction of intellectual property operation protection mechanisms. We can also assist your company with R&D direction planning and implementation as well as digital management of your intellectual property. To achieve the business goals of technological independence, freedom to operate, and competitiveness, Wispro will work with you to create high-quality and superior technology asset portfolios through cross-domain data analysis including industry and patent, business consulting and interaction between intellectual property, commercial law and other fields. 

Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical

The medical device and pharmaceutical industries see highly intensive technology, capital and regulations. It is characterized by long periods of technology and product development, high R&D costs, reliance on high degree of labor division, as well as high requirements for intellectual property protection. How to take into account future commercial models for intellectual property deployment in the early stage of R&D is an important issue, as it leads to strategies regarding technology transfer, licensing or product development. A countries attach great importance to the protection of pharmaceutical patents, the patent linkage system is another major issue that cannot be ignored. Therefore, mastering the details of each country's IP system has become a key aspect of the deployment of new drug patents and  the entry of generic drugs into the market. 

  • Analysis of investment, M&A information and patent data to support operations and R&D
  • Solutions combining intellectual property and commercial law approaches to support business models and R&D strategies
  • Evaluation, planning and execution of intellectual property portfolio monetization, investment and M&A
  • Cross-border patent infringement risk control and litigation management, patent validity analysis
  • Patent-linked generic drug declaration strategies

Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)

Due to recent technical improvements and international standardization leading to the expansion of market penetration, SEPs have played an important role in fostering the industrial chain, controlling the value chain, and distributing the supply chain in the fields related to de facto technical standards, such as mobile communications, audio and video coding, wireless power transfer, and connector interface.

In order to grasp business opportunities and growth potential accompanying the ongoing update of de facto technical standards, both from a commercialization and industrialization perspective, that all SEP stakeholders (e.g., patent holders, standard implementers, investors) acknowledge the FRAND principles (i.e., fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory). These principles in various jurisdictions can be seen in their legislation, licensing case law, and industry development. The FRAND principles enable all actors to make appropriate business, technical, and legal decisions, gain benefits for all roles in the market, and achieve specifi targets, as determined by such actors.

  • SEP Deployment
    - Comparison of patent scope and technical standards (Claim Charts)
    - International SEP application agency
  • SEP Operations
    - Patent Portfolio Management
    - Patent Lifecycle Management
    - Establish a collaborative operation mode, process and system related to R&D, intellectual property and SEP
    - SEP portfolios declarations
  • SEP Monetization
    - Due diligence and evaluation for quality and value of the target patent portfolio
    - Monitor potential target licensees
    - Business model planning for patent monetization
  • Cross-domain data monitoring and analysis of SEP development
    - Track the development status of ISO and SEP
    - Data correlation analysis for technical specifications (TS) and technical proposals (Tdoc)

Future Mobility

The transformation of the contemporary automobile and travel industries comes from the technological wave dominated by CASE (connectivity, autonomous, shared mobility, and electrification). OEMs and component suppliers require much R&D, testing and integration to innovate and transform their product technologies and business models. Meanwhile, technological startups or communication giants build up new competitive forces to propel their investment, M&A (mergers and acquisitions), and restructuring of supply chains and ecosystems in the industry. 

  • Intellectual property deployment strategiesy that supports business models and R&D strategy
  • Investment and M&A information and patent data analysis to support planning for operations and R&D

  • Licensing negotiation and litigation management of SEPs for V2X 

  • Cross-border patent infringement risk response and litigation management
  • Patent portfolio analysis and data monitoring of competitors and potential clients

  • CASE patent technology analysis and patent database establishment 


Semiconductor is the foundation of modern technology and the core of the electronics, information and communication industries. All kinds of sensing devices, mobile communication equipments, Advanced driver-assistance systems, medical electronics and so on used in daily life need semiconductors. Semiconductors play a crucial role in next-generation 5G communications, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI) and data centers. With the advent of the post-Moore's Law era, the combination of semiconductor technology with innovative applications in various industries will be the key to the continued development of the industry.

Wispro provides complete solutions to advanced packaging, heterogeneous chip integration, optoelectronic components, memory, semiconductor process and equipment, semiconductor process materials, silicon intellectual property, CMOS image sensors and LiDAR. 

  • Intellectual property deployment strategy that supports business model and R&D strategy
  • Intellectual property and patent operation strategy planning and execution, including intellectual property portfolio planning, deployment to monetization

  • Analysis of investment, and M&A information and patent data to support operations directions of and R&D 

  • Cross-border patent infringement risk response and litigation management

  • Data analysis for investment and mergers and acquisitions of advanced semiconductor technology and establishment of the corresponding patent database 

Wispro’s expertise can be found in many more technical fields

Wispro’s team is proficient in display technology, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. In terms of display technology, our team is particularly knowledgeable about TFT-LCD, AMOLED, Micro LED, and 3D projection. In terms of AI, we have developed long-term expertise with respect to smart homes, medical wisdom and other fields.



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